We’re Fantastic! But, Don’t Take Our Word for It!


In this video about their new home in Houston, Edward and Terri share their experience building their dream home with Gehan Homes.  They fell in love with the layout, design and the personality of our plans.  When it was time to build, they enjoyed each step of the process with us.  Watch as they share their story, in their own words.

Gehan Homes offers a great product at a tremendous value, but what truly sets us apart is our customer service.  Edward and Terri described their salesperson as amazing and always there to answer any questions. They were so thrilled with their experience that they “chose their neighbors” by recommending their friends to buy a Gehan home in their neighborhood!

We are so happy to have Edward and Terri as part of the Gehan Homes family and grateful to them for sharing their story.



2 thoughts on “We’re Fantastic! But, Don’t Take Our Word for It!

  1. I have built a house in Central London from scratch on my own and it is really an amazing experience that I think everyone should have in life. Being able to create your own space just as you want it is incredible. I had some pretty out there ideas – an internal garden with its very own garden spiral staircase instead of a normal staircase and 12 foot high bronze doors in the sitting room. But it is my space that I created and designed and it is more me than any other building in the world. It is like a 3D art project creating a house – everyone should do it!


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